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service with arabs i can tell you something about. it will be good for you. hospitals in saudi arabia are good technically and are run mostly by foreign qualified doctors, so i think your experience professionally should be a good one. yes it is a government hospital as is evident from the name 'armed forces hospital'. i'll be happy to talk more about working in saudia, as i'll be working here myself, after a cpuple of months.

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    Aslmkum and Hi, i would like to ask what i need to expect if working there. Totally got no clue about this except army hosp. Thanks all.

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    AFHSR King Fahad email adress

    posted by  A T in Khamis Mushayt forum 

    I worked in King Fahad hospital from 1988 till 1992. I now need to get some documents filled in. Does anyone know how to contact this hospital by email?

  • charles hopley

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    I'm from south Africa and I'll be working soon at the Armed Forces Hospital in Khamis Mushayt. Got no clue about Khamis Mushayt, I have been offered a Medical Technologist job in Bloodbanking in this facility. Those who are already working there will you reply or any info is highly appreciated.Thanks!


  • Dazzling Janey

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    Many thanks for the info...Yap some of my batchmates who were deployed already said weather is cool and getting chilly these days as winter is coming.

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    Dear i hope would be enjoying there, can u tell me the facilities given to a Registrar, senior regitrar and asstt consltt in this hosp? also tell how is this city? i mean regarding schooling for kids, weather, shopping malls, restrictiveness and atmosphere & behavior of hosp admin & seniors.
    thx a lot if u reply me.

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    its in southern region near Najran & Abhaa near Yemen border. its most populated region of KSA & its located at about 6-7 thousand feet from sea level thats y its cool area.

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    armed forces hospital in khamis mushayt

    posted by  Dazzling Janey in Khamis Mushayt forum 

    Hello Kathleen...Are you still working in this healthcare facility? How's the working condition like/ environment and management? The accomodation, shopping skeds, internet connection and cable?How's Khamis as a it so restricted, are there big shoppping malls or some places to visit during off duties? Pardon for bombarding you a lot of querries...I've worked before in Sharurah as well as in some hospitals in Jeddah and visited Riyadh too but got no clue about Khamis Mushayt (Southern Region of Saudi Arabia). I have been offered a nursing job( ICU Nurse position) recently in this facility and just awaiting my visa and flight sked. So, just thought would have a first hand info to those who are already working here like you. Your reply or any info is highly appreciated.Thanks!

  • Munir Mughal

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    h r u.
    I am working in armed forces hospital .its a nice place to be work and stay. and also saudi arabia is a very good and islamic place.
    Saudi Arabia is one of the safest countries in my opinion. I lived in khamis musyat and i havent faced any problems. The best thing about this country is that there are no taxes. The worst thing is that there are many restrictions e.g no alcohol etc (which might actually be a good thing). Otherwise the life there is quite peaceful and very luxurious.and i am working in anesthesia section.

  • samir bhatti

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    hi all guyz ! can any one help me to guide how to apply for job as a chief medical officer or as a resident officer in that hospital or any other in saudia arabia - i am v much intersted working in gulf countries
    thanx for reply in advance


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    Hi Mandia,
    I'm also coming to your hospital as an Registrar Nephrology.I would like you to send me information regarding living style my email address is [...] hope you guys give me information
    regards and thanks
    Dr.Shahbaz Haider

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