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Guidance on good areas to live in in Riyadh

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What is a good area to live in, in Riyadh. My spouse will be working in the
Al Ahsa area would prefer something near this.
And how much can I expect to pay for a 2 bed FURNISHED apartment/villa.

Any advice/tips aprreciated folks.

Many thanks.

ps. what are the realities of living in Riyadh pros/cons people ?

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    we can't send our compound details, its a small private compound, u can contact me on my mobile to guide through the direction for a view

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    Compound details please

    posted by  Alia Badreldin in Riyadh forum 

    Hi Welly,
    Hi I have seen your post on the small compound in sulaimaniah...can you please advise the name and contact information of the compound. it would also be useful if they have a website to check it our and the facilities (or if you can send me more details).

    Thank you

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    Villas price you can check by calling them one by one. Fal is bit economical and good too. About Riyadh pro / cons. its good city, i like it better than jeddah, not congested. its bit dry , and dust storm comes quite often. overall beautiful city with nice malls.

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    thanks will get my spouse to ring u whn he lands in riyadh

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    posted by  welly mussy in Riyadh forum 

    i have a small villa in a small compound with very attrative expat community in sulaimaniah, very close to al ahsa street, u can call me on 0543880050

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    thank you.

    Also what is the traffic/driving like in Riyadh say in comparison to Dubai ?

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    diplomatic quarter or al malaz district
    around 60000 SR to 70000SR

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