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Roadtrip through Serbia

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My friends and I are planning a roadtrip through Serbia. We plan to start at Vienna, continue to Hungary and then from there to Serbia, Rumania and back to Vienna. Now I we are thinking about places to visit in Serbia and we want to combine touristic places with places where to meet locals. What places in Serbia would you recommend? We are going to Belegrade for sure, but apart from it I don't know. Maybe Novi Sad?

Thanks for helping!


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    Dear Andrea,

    thank you very much for the travel tips and the links! I am now preparing my trip to Balkan countries, so I will definitely consider your suggestions :-)

    take care,


  • Andrea Varga


    posted by  Andrea Varga in Serbia forum 

    Hi Tania!

    Belgrade is lately known as a party city, so if you looking for a place to go out its perfect, as I heard. But there are of course other attractions in Belgrade and in other cities in Serbia. Everything depends of what are you looking for.

    Novi Sad is definitively worth of visit. The city centre is nice, the Danube and of course the Petrovaradin fortress.

    On the north, near the Hungarian-Serbian border maybe lake Palic.

    Along the Danube, you can visit also some fortesses (Smederevo, Ram, Golubac) and than you can come to the Iron Gate (on the Serbian-Romanian border). There you can visit the archaeological survey Lepenski Vir...

    Meeting the locals - well maybe you have heard for the web site - here you can, after registration, arrange some meeting for a coffee with locals or a sightseeing tour.
    For Belgrade - they have started with a new way of promoting their city... you can find more about it on

    Here are some other link, which I thought it can be useful.

    If you have more question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    In other case, I wish you a nice trip!
    take care,

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