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Can someone help me !

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I need to learn Singaporean language but still don't under stand what is the language that used in there ! can someone tell me

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    English is the primary mode of communication for most of Singapore, but each major race group has their own mother tongue (Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil) that they speak within their own ethnic group. You'll do fine speaking English most of the time.

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    Hi Jasmine,

    I am not an expert, just a Singaporean.

    For us, our main language is Chinese. The rest we considered as our Mother Tongue language.

    So if you are looking to speak to Singaporean, English is just fine =)

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    Sorry Sir, I don't have any answer. Please contact an expert.

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    hai Jasmine,
    "Singaporean Language" ?? Which one u mean? Melayu? or Chinese, or english?

    If Melayu or english, I will help.


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