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Hey Martin,
I hope you are fine and doing good. Back to your question about the best country for raising children is Uganda. In Uganda we have social manners for raising children and teach them the will of the Almighty God. Whenever children are raised up in families and societies where there is no God fearing, too much freedom and parental love, those are the results one has to get. But we can join hands to help them in any way since it is not too late for them.

We have plenty of land here and enough foods,fresh fruits, water and rainfall.

Thank you very much and i wish to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Mukisa Ronald

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  • Kooba Milly

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    Uganda is the best for raising kids with manners. Here in uganda , if you below 18yrs they dont sell or allow them to buy beers or smoke. So pls bring them to uganda. Thanks.

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    Singapore if you don't mind a warm climate.

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