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Is it easy to find a Job and live in Singapore?

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I’m planning to move to Singapore soon and I would like to find a job.

I have valuable professional experience in Marketing, Sales and managing National and International customer’s accounts in various sectors. I've been searching on the net the most popular jobs and all of them are related to IT or Communications.

If you don't have this professional profile, is it easy to find something there?

Which should be the normal salary to live and enough to rent a flat and pay all your expenses if you're leaving in couple?

I would appreciate your help on advising me for something where my profile
could fit properly.

Many thanks!


  • ayman wahed

    posted by  in Singapore forum 

    im looking for job in travel agency im English & arabic & chinese translator & tour Leader & tour operator
    im married and living in singapore now , thanks if any one guys advice me or can help
    thank you

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    posted by  in Singapore forum 

    puala are u in singapore or not yet ?

  • ayman wahed

    looking for job im from egypt

    posted by  ayman wahed in Singapore forum 

    Arabian native speaking looking for available suitable job in singapore in travel industry or hotels or trading field ,
    end of this month i will marry and live in singapore

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    posted by  in Singapore forum 

    hi u see its not so tuff or not so easy to find job you can find job in bit of time ...........iam also foreigner but having good life and settled here .

    by the where u from ?are u in singapore now ?

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    posted by  in Singapore forum 

    yes depends on the types of job here, you can do marketing jobs for online retail businesses like which is Zalore singapore or go for normal ones that you have more experience in. Pitch to them and you might just get lucky! good luck!

  • Jackson Xu

    posted by  in Singapore forum 

    We have all types of job here in singapore. It depends on what you want. As easy as it sounds, what ever job you can find on internet is commonly related to IT because only people with IT knowledge will put their job online. I am saying " Commonly" =)

    Do you have a professional certificate like Degree or diploma? if you have, finding a jjob isnt hard. but i cant say for sure is that true for foreigners. Singapore living depends on what you expect. If you are renting a common room in the neighbour and take public transport ( which singapore is great in public transport), then its not going to cost alot. A room commonly rental is around 400-500USD permonth and food + living expenses usually not exceeding 500USD. so that a rough calculation.

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