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Should I retake my O level or pursue my education in a polytechnic?

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Should I retake my O level as a private candidate or pursue my education in a polytechnic?

I took O level in 2015. I got D7 for my English for prelims too but I was assured by my teachers that it was because our school's prelims marking was strict and that they guarantee at least a grade lesser in the actual paper if I worked hard enough. The same goes for my Combine humans, I passed my combine humans in usual exams and was told that the marking was extraordinary strict in my prelims. I passed my Mid-year exam for English as well as other tests and exams in my school getting grades ranging from B4-C6. I don't think my English is really that bad as depicted in my O level result. I worked my best for English, memorized the vocabularies and studied for grammar one month prior to O level. I was aiming to a JC at that point. My score for other O level subjects are decent so I feel like it is a waste going to poly just because of my English. I got a shock in my prelims as it was really bad so i worked real hard for my O level and my prelims result has improved a lot. The only thing that had caused me not to do well for my English was maybe because it was the first few papers and i was feeling anxious and nervous. So basically, if I showed them my results for mid- year exam and test result, is it still possible that they would accept it and I could get into a JC or MI?

My O level results are:
English: D7
A maths: B3
Combine Science(Physics, Chem): A2
Chinese: A2
E maths: B4
D&T: B3
Combine Humanities (Social studies, History): D7
CCA bonus points: A2 (minus 2)
L1R4: 17 (without CCA bonus) 15 (with CCA bonus)
L1R5: 21 (without CCA bonus) 19 (with CCA bonus)
Prelims result:
English: D7
Chinese: B3 (before retake)
Combine science (Phy, chem): B4
E Maths: B4
A Maths: C6
Combine humans: F9

If I can't get into JC or MI with this O level result, is it advisable to retake O level English just to get into JC or continue pursuing my Poly Education (since I could still get into many course)? I wanted to try psychology in Ngee Ann Poly before knowing my O level results as I am most interested in the human mind and psychology but I couldn't put it as a choice as I got D7 for my English. So at the end of the day, should I retake O level? Or try out other courses in Poly?
Thanks for the helpful advice if anyone could help.

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    I understand that this was posted long ago:-) However, may I ask what decision have you made?

    Also, if you don't mind to share, do you think it was the correct choice or would you choose differently now?

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