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What is the cost of living per month? How much should I ask for as a salary?

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Hi everybody!

I am considering a job offer in Singapore in the design field. I was asked what I expect to earn per month but I do not have the slightest idea what to say because I do not know how to calculate the cost of living in Singapore.
Can anybody help?
I am a recent graduate and I have read that graduates (Masters) in my field earn about $ 2900 per month. I also read that rental costs are quite high, from $ 2000 up, but I am super ok with flatsharing too... How could I calculate the salary I need?
The company has also informed me that they could not provide for any temporary accommodation on my arrival...
What should I say/do...? What would you recommend?
Thanks for your time and help.


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    in my opinion, to have a comfortable single life with some savings you need at least 4k salary. a 2-bedroom condo unit will be easily 3k. Assuming you do find a flat mate, you split the rent 40/60 depending on who takes the master bedroom. basic necessities, utilities, and transportation in a month can be about 1000. additionally, for renting, there's a one month security deposit and one month advance, and of course agent commission, so maybe the company can provide you an advance.

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    dear giulia severini

    the rent and life here not much expansive but if the company will give you up to 5000 or 4000 $ u can live and rent house and eat very good but if less than that is up to you sure but is will be waist time only low rate for rent here is 1500 singapore dollars

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