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Hi all,

I am FB dating this guy in NY.
He is Slovakian and he is super smart.
But I am not so sure about his personality, since he was so busy these days :(
well I know every men are different but is there any specific trait in Slovakian men that I should know about?

For example, Korean guys are generally nice to their girl friends but they do love their drinking!
They will ditch their girl friends to drink with buddies.

And they are very dependent.
Before the marriage, they depend on their mom and after their wife.
It's a cultural thing :P

so any thing I should know about?

  • cri job

    posted by  in Slovakia forum 

    Don't trust him : all slovakian men drink barrel of beer.
    Where as I come from a country where no one ever drink any alchool,
    just tea: we stop all together at 5 p.m. to have a nice cup of tea
    ... and that's actually the only thing we are allowed to drink in the whole day, really.
    But more important, look at the reality, korea-newyork more than 10000Km
    whereas I travel a lot to asia
    Come on,
    stop this virtuality and have some hard stuff !!

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