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Immigration and visa advice

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As someone working in an immigration lawyer firm, I'm here for anyone needing immigration and visa advice, and I'm happy to answer questions on this forum, plus any other related to South Africa or Cape Town.

Looking forward to getting involved and helping people out!

  • Jess Green

    posted by  in South Africa forum 

    First of all, you will have to wait for your new passport whatever happens. Sit back and relax - it will come, you are applying the necessary pressure.

    Secondly, you automatically qualify for PR through your South African child. So do not worry about accumulating 5 years of marriage.

    Lastly, when does your current visa expire? I assume it expired together with your old passport? If the visa hasn't expired, you can travel. If it has, then you will need to wait for your new passport and then first get legalised.

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    Temporary Residence Visa - But No valid passport or police clearance certificate

    posted by  Jochebed Perez in South Africa forum 

    Hi Jess,
    I hope you can help me as I am in dire straits to get an answer from the experts ( i tried VFS Global helpline and DHA - No one there to assist or know how to).
    I am a Malaysian married 2 years to a South African. We have a 19th mnth old baby. I am aiming to apply for PR after completing the mandatory 5 years.
    My problem is my new Msian passport which I have applied for in May is still not here ( technical delay out of my control). My current passport has since expired ( 3 Aug 2014). I have been issued a travel emergency certificate that is valid till April 2015. I am worried about being declared an undesirable, deported and banned from coming back but at the same time I do not wish to lose the 2 years of effort i have put on earning my PR applicability. The high commision is putting pressure to get my new passport in the next few weeks but I dare not put faith in empty words anymore and am looking at worse case scenarios now. I would really really appreciate if you could advice me as to what my best action would be in my situation.

  • Michaela Gabriel

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    Hi Raffaele,

    if you come in on a visitor visa, it will be valid for 3 months. Close to the expiry date you may extend the visitor visa for an extra 3 months. Once the extension on the visitor visa has expired you will have to depart South Africa and return home. You can however come back and get another 3 months.

    If you receive an offer of employments while on a visitor permit, the permit can be changed to work permit.

    It is entirely up to the employer if they are willing to make an offer of employment to an individual who is currently on a visitor's visa and then willing to apply for a work permit after the offer has been signed. Some employers prefer an individual to have a valid work permit whilst being in South Africa.

    If you are fluent in Italian, the other option you have is find a job with a Business Process Outsourcing company and take advantage of their corporate work permit. This enables you to look around for work while staying in South Africa.

    I recommend give our foreign language recruitment consultant Diana a ring to discuss your options: +27 21 488 9800

    or check out

    current jobs for Italian speakers in Cape Town:

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Best regards,

  • Jess Green

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    Unfortunately it is not common, but it helps once you have spoken to an immigration lawyer and you can learn how to handle this situation.

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    Thanks Jess, one more question:

    posted by  Raffaele Mosca in South Africa forum 

    Is it common for employers to offer jobs to people living in SA on a tourist visa?
    I'm afraid employers will withdraw after they find out I'm not a resident.

    Thanks a lot for your time, really...


  • Jess Green

    Applying for a work permit while in SA

    posted by  Jess Green in South Africa forum 

    Hi Raffaele

    Yes, you will be able to apply for a work permit, and you are allowed to go on as many interviews as you wish to receive your offer of employment.

    Good luck!

    Best regards

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    Hi Jess,
    my name is Raffaele, 32 years old, camera operator and video editor.
    My partner has been accepted at the University of Cape Town for an MA of the duration of 2 years.
    The SA embassy told us that I am allowed to accompany her but I won't be able to look for jobs.
    Basically my only option is a tourist Visa or an extended visitor's visa.

    My question is: if I find a job, during my stay in SA on a tourist visa, will I be able to get a work permit?

    Thanks for taking the time to look into this, I really appreciate it.


  • Jess Green

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    Yes, Chris, in short, you can come to South Africa as a Life Partner of your girlfriend. This will allow you to live in SA, but not work until you have a signed contract.

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    Hello, I am currently working as a researchers in Canada my contract is for one year from april-2013-2014. I decided to apply for permanent residency. And now I am confused which program will be the best for me to apply, not to lose time ?

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    posted by  in South Africa forum 


    I am looking to move in with my girlfriend (who is South African) in South Africa. I am a British citizen.

    I am in talks with her company for a possible job offer. Can I move in before the job offer comes through?

    If not, what are the legal requirements for my work permit to be accepted and how do I fulfil them (paperwork, etc).

    If no job offer comes through soon, can I be "invited" by my girlfriend? What are the requirements for that?

    thank you

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