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    Intra-company transfer VIsa

    posted by  Sahil Sood in South Africa forum 

    Hi! I am working in a company who want me to deploy in South Africa, and I take this as a fruitful step in my life. The problem is I have a record of minor Assault and trespassing in United states which was a result of a 1 min fight with a friend during a party. Abiding the law at united states I took responsibility of my actions plead guilty for it. I didnt serve the jail, I paid the fine and the charges are closed. I dont have any pending charges on me. Now I am not sure how much would it affect me to get a Business visa or Intra-company work visa and if so what are the remedies for it. I have never ever had even a traffic ticket in my 28 years of age. I really want to move on in life and get myself together.

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