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    Married to a Sa citizen by descent and thinking about moving

    posted by  Linda Canter in South Africa forum 

    Hi Jess,

    My husband's father (my father in law) is South African. My husband is a South African citizen by descent born in 82. We (husband, our two kids and I) are thinking about moving to PE. Since my husband is a citizen, we were wondering what the best visa for me would be. Would that be a visa and a spousal permit later? We've been married for almost six years. We are also wondering if it's a problem het isn't born in SA, but is a citizen by descent.

    Another question: we both own our own business. He and I both want to continue our businesses. We won't work an international company or an SA company. Would that be a problem? We don't want to stop with our businesses.

    Thanks in advance!

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