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    Problems with repatriation deposit

    posted by  Stephanie de Boer in South Africa forum 

    Dear Jess,

    I am a student who has travelled to South Africa for her studies on a Student Visa last year. I am trying to claim back my repatriation deposit for my visa, but had a lot of trouble with the South African government and its local embassy (The Hague, The Netherlands). Could you please give me legal advice and advice me on the best steps to take next.

    At the time of my visa application I still had to pay the deposit of €750,- to my local South African Embassy. In October 2014 the South African government changed its legislation on the topic of the "repatriation deposit", not requiring one anymore for new applications. They also set a deadline for the retrieval of this deposit for current visas (28 February 2015). (further info about these changes is given by the South African government here: http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/immigration-services/repatri

    I arrived back from South Africa on 16th of January 2015, unaware of the changes in legislation and the deadline. This meant that I only tried to apply for the return of my deposit after the deadline. Ever since I have tried to get into contact with the South African office dealing with this issue, but have only once been able to get them on the phone through there information desk (012 406 2668), after which I submitted application forms and deposit slips. It has been 2 months since this application.

    I have tried to find other people with similar issues (who must exist) but have to been able to find anyone online.

    Could your please advice me on what to do? And whether it would be viable to take legal action if nothing works?

    Thank you for any help you might be able to give!

    Kind regards, Stephanie

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