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    Temporary Residence Visa - But No valid passport or police clearance certificate

    posted by  Jochebed Perez in South Africa forum 

    Hi Jess,
    I hope you can help me as I am in dire straits to get an answer from the experts ( i tried VFS Global helpline and DHA - No one there to assist or know how to).
    I am a Malaysian married 2 years to a South African. We have a 19th mnth old baby. I am aiming to apply for PR after completing the mandatory 5 years.
    My problem is my new Msian passport which I have applied for in May is still not here ( technical delay out of my control). My current passport has since expired ( 3 Aug 2014). I have been issued a travel emergency certificate that is valid till April 2015. I am worried about being declared an undesirable, deported and banned from coming back but at the same time I do not wish to lose the 2 years of effort i have put on earning my PR applicability. The high commision is putting pressure to get my new passport in the next few weeks but I dare not put faith in empty words anymore and am looking at worse case scenarios now. I would really really appreciate if you could advice me as to what my best action would be in my situation.

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