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Is SA a safe place to live?

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Hi there,

My name is María and I have a decission to make. Maybe someone can help me. My husband has a great job oppotunity in South Africa (Standton) for 3 years and we are thinking about movig there or not. We are living in Spain now and we feel good here so we don`t know what to do.

The problem is that I don`t know if I can feel secure in SA. I have been living in different places in Europe an in China but I have been reading about SA and it is a litlle scary.

I will be a lot of time home alone, since I work at home (on-line job) and we are also planning a baby soon.

We also have a dog to take with...(although I don`t think this would be a problem at all)

Is Satandton a safe place to live?

Thank you!!!

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    Hi Maria, my husband and I were in SA for three years just north of Joberg (Sun City) Santon is a very good area, one of the most expensive places in Joberg to live. Obviously SA has a well documented crime rate all over, however we never had a problem of any sort.
    Ideally you really need to make some friends as it is very lonely at first, I remember hating the place for the first three months, until I made an effort to make friends and in the end I was desperate not to come back to the UK! One day we are hoping to go back for good!
    Will you have a house with a garden for your dog? as people there dont tend to 'walk the dog' and as Joberg is inland there are no beaches.
    With regards to the medical system, most companies offer medical aid for the private sector which you can add to for maternity. SA has some of the worlds leading hospitals and consultants.
    Hope this helps, Good luck.

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