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To anyone thinking of moving to South Africa.

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I hve noticed a good few people posting that they are thinking of moving here. DONT DO IT!!!
I moved here in 2005 and I can honestly say it was one of the worst decisions of my life.
I came here to be with my wife and the mother of my son as we were unable to move back to the uk after we were married. As a uk citizen marrying a non citizen it is a hell of a lot simpler (and cheaper) to live as a married couple outside the uk for five years. I had never been to SA and liked what I saw when I got here. My brother in law had a building company here and offered me a position as a foreman (I am a bricklayer to trade). This only lasted about 12 months and he shut the business down. Since then I have been scratching around looking for work! Thank god my wife has had a constant job since we got here!
I saw on a post from a couple of days ago someone was asking about the anti-white employment legisltion that we have here. IT EXISTS AND THEY KEEP AMENDING IT!!! We started with B.E.E (black economic empowerment)targetting white men as personna non grata. Now we have B.B.E.E (broad based black empowerment)targetting all white people, male and female as being unemployable!! If you are a white male then stay where you are, you wont get work here! If you are a white woman, same rules apply! Unless you have independant financial means do NOT consider SA as an option! Should you be lucky enough to have the means then ber in mind that the thieves target rich white people, even poor white people are crime victims. I have been robbed at gunpoint three times in the last three years, had my house broken into twice and my wife has been hijacked twice!!
There are those out there who would tell you I am being a drama queen. Suit yourself!! I wouldnt take the risk! No doubt you are wondering why we dont go back to the uk? Simple. My wife's salary only just covers our living costs with nothing to spare, so where must we find the money to go abroad?
Hope everyone heeds the advice of someone who has been here a while and knows how damn difficult things are being made for us here!

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    I love it!

    posted by  Lewis Sinfield in South Africa forum 

    I moved to South Africa in November 2012 and I absolutely love it, this country does have its problems but doesn't every Country? For me and my wife this country fit us great, and we can see growth and improvement. It took myself about 10 months to find work but I was in the same situation in the UK. So if your thinking of moving here don't be discourages by these negative comments and find out for your self!

  • Sedy .Mosikili

    Re: Owolabi

    posted by  Sedy .Mosikili in South Africa forum 

    Please before you mislead people here write down your company registration and information , People need to verify if you offense we can never be too careful and your name is not SA so I wonder????/

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    posted by  Seb Lalloo in South Africa forum 

    Thanks Donald for at least replying to my post. The situation now is its hard to get out - you need a job to get a visa and you can't get a job because you don't have a visa. That's how I read it for anywhere I would like to go like the US or Canada.

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    To Seb

    posted by  Donald Hesse in South Africa forum 

    Seb- If you are a white person in SA you are discriminated against regarding employment. That is both the cultural and the legal reality of attempting to exist there. If you are a black person the job opportunities are also few and far between - certainly nothing in the line of work to which you may be accustomed . My suggestion is to get the hell out of there as soon as possible..

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    posted by  Seb Lalloo in South Africa forum 

    Folks, I am almost at my wits end. I have been back since December 2012 and as an HR Professional with 21 years experience, I have not yet received one phone call inviting me to an interview!!!

    I needed to return to South Africa to finalize a divorce from my South African wife and unfortunately to do that I needed to resign from a one-in-a-million dream job I had at the International Monetary Fund. Now, I am unemployed and it seems persona non grata. I have tried to find answers about why I am not even getting interviewed and it seems to fall on deaf ears or the subject is changed. I don't have any judgments against my name nor do I have any criminal offenses.

    What is up? Can somebody help shed some light on this?

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    To anyone thinking of moving to our beautiful South Africa country.

    posted by  Jobs Informations in South Africa forum 

    I personally believe that we should show the people that are planning/wanting to move to South Africa, we should show them the different channels where they can find jobs postings. Here at is the best way to start.The reason I'm saying this is because the first thing( according to statistics) that people should look up before moving to another state or country is for jobs and vacancies.
    I definitely recommend you these to sites:

    Good luck!

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    posted by  Sarfarraz Mukuddem in South Africa forum 

    Thanks for that reply, like I said before, negative crates negative, we need to make our decisions based on positivism Mr Donald Hesse over there is bitter

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    posted by  Sarfarraz Mukuddem in South Africa forum 

    Love your attitude there are many views, mostly negative but then again a negative creates negative.
    i do not even think they will be happy anywhere #partOfTheSolution

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    South Africa - the tragedy

    posted by  Donald Hesse in South Africa forum 

    I was considering returning to SA following a long absence. Now I see that the corrupt, crime infested land has no future.
    "people have bad experiences all over the world."... This does not prove anything. The difference is that in many other countries, racial discrimination is not at the root of the issue. It is in SA.
    "learn about how far SA has come". SA has not evolved since apartheid collapsed. It has deteriorated in all sectors- crime, racial discrimination, unemployment, health care, academia, housing. Name a country whose "president" sings about his machine gun and who has been accused of rape and corruption?
    " race isn't an issue"- race is THE issue.."Black empowerment"... What a sick joke. Empowerment is achieved on merit - not by being black.
    " so please give the country a chance, ". Who gave those victims of murder and rape a "chance"?
    "we WILL get there.".. not in my lifetime.

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    Don't be so negative

    posted by  Megan Whittington in South Africa forum 

    As a young law student, I'm part of the future of this country. I accept that SA has it's problems but don't slash in on the web, people have bad experiences all over the world. Remember that you CHOSE to come here. People need to stop being so ignorant and learn about how far SA has come. I'm the new generation where race isn't an issue so please give the country a chance, we WILL get there.

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