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To anyone thinking of moving to South Africa.

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I hve noticed a good few people posting that they are thinking of moving here. DONT DO IT!!!
I moved here in 2005 and I can honestly say it was one of the worst decisions of my life.
I came here to be with my wife and the mother of my son as we were unable to move back to the uk after we were married. As a uk citizen marrying a non citizen it is a hell of a lot simpler (and cheaper) to live as a married couple outside the uk for five years. I had never been to SA and liked what I saw when I got here. My brother in law had a building company here and offered me a position as a foreman (I am a bricklayer to trade). This only lasted about 12 months and he shut the business down. Since then I have been scratching around looking for work! Thank god my wife has had a constant job since we got here!
I saw on a post from a couple of days ago someone was asking about the anti-white employment legisltion that we have here. IT EXISTS AND THEY KEEP AMENDING IT!!! We started with B.E.E (black economic empowerment)targetting white men as personna non grata. Now we have B.B.E.E (broad based black empowerment)targetting all white people, male and female as being unemployable!! If you are a white male then stay where you are, you wont get work here! If you are a white woman, same rules apply! Unless you have independant financial means do NOT consider SA as an option! Should you be lucky enough to have the means then ber in mind that the thieves target rich white people, even poor white people are crime victims. I have been robbed at gunpoint three times in the last three years, had my house broken into twice and my wife has been hijacked twice!!
There are those out there who would tell you I am being a drama queen. Suit yourself!! I wouldnt take the risk! No doubt you are wondering why we dont go back to the uk? Simple. My wife's salary only just covers our living costs with nothing to spare, so where must we find the money to go abroad?
Hope everyone heeds the advice of someone who has been here a while and knows how damn difficult things are being made for us here!

  • Quicksmile The South African

    Dear Rob

    posted by  Quicksmile The South African in South Africa forum 

    At least your wife has a job in SA... If you were in the UK, both you and your wife would be unable to get a job!!!

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    Reply to "dear Rob"

    posted by  Rob Vaughan in South Africa forum 

    I would have to disagree with you there. The United Kingdom does not have any racist legislation PREVENTING employers from employing white people. That side at least the playing field is level, here we are persona non grata! Even those of us who are NOT racist are now being affected! Besides, we have been accepted for 3 different jobs in the UK! There is still work there for those who wish to work!!

  • south africa

    posted by Deleted user in South Africa forum 

    Hi Rob, i was born in Claremont , Cape Town. Unfortunately the previous government threw us out . Now as you have explained everything is very difficult if you are not black. I am classified as colored and believe me that we suffer just as much as whites. Yes i would like to warn those that think South Africa is the place to be. Crime is very high and our justice system is very inadiquate. I am currently planning to move permanently to italy

  • Nadya Scott

    south africa

    posted by  Nadya Scott in South Africa forum 

    We are planning to move back. It would be very unfair for me to call you dramatic and such but I think moving to this country you knew the risks. My husband is south african by birth and moved to the usa in 1995. We are visiting very soon and are going to see if I like it enough to move there. I am well aware of the lack of jobs and reverse discrimination. I have read the statistics and our family there has been directly affected as you have. However I'm not going to let some bullies run us away from our dream home. We will deal with it as things happen and although I imagine it will be very frustrating for me not to totally flip my lid on anyone who tries to harass me. I'm from a rough childhood and really I know the logical way. Materials can be replaced. Life can not. I look forward to going and living in this beautiful country.

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    Sad to Leave

    posted by  Liz Mason in South Africa forum 

    In some ways I agree with your statements, but in others I don't. If a person really wants to make a living in this country, it can be done. There are things that a person can do, in order to make a living legitimately. I happen to have met my now husband over the Internet, he is originally from the UK, but has been in Southern Africa for more than 40 years now. I moved here in 2002 and have loved almost every moment. There have been some really tough times for us, but we tend to survive.

    I will admit that like ALL countries in the world it is riddled with crime, corruption and many injustices, but when you let the beauty outweigh the negatives, you find a wonderful country. Also, it is a heck of a lot more dangerous living in the huge cities, such as Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Durban or any other large city, there is more crime than the average person should have to endure, but if you take in all the smaller communities, you will find that the atmosphere is pleasant, the crime is lower and the living is pleasurable.

    The area where we are happens to be in the quiet countryside, farming areas, yet we are close enough to the larger towns, like Port Elizabeth or East London to be able to go and spend a day doing whatever it is we need to do and get home before dark and be settled into our quiet corner after the mad rush.

    We are actually selling our property to relocate only because we are at the age where we need to be near our families who are in the USA. I have not seen my daughter in over 10 years, my grandchildren, I have not seen at all except through the Internet. My husband has not seen his daughter and granddaughter in over 6 years and has a grandson he has not seen at all except through the Internet.

    I LOVE South Africa as a country, it's the politics, corruption and injustices that are wrong, not the country itself. I also agree that it is a bit on the prejudice side when it comes to employment etc, but again, was it not the opposite just a few short years ago. It seems now that the tables are reversed, we get all bent out of shape, now we all know what it feels like to be on the other side. Yes, they have taken it to the extreme level, but that is just life in SA. We have to all take some responsibility for our own actions and there are like I said before, many ways to make a legitimate living here.

    I shall miss the country, I just will not miss all the aggreviations that have been involved.

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    Buona fortuna in Italia!

    posted by  Rob Vaughan in South Africa forum 

    Best of luck pal, my freind here in josey is also coloured, you guys get the flak from both sides of the race story. Italy is very cool!!

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    Best of luck.

    posted by  Rob Vaughan in South Africa forum 

    Hi Nadya,
    Hope everything works out ok for the two of you here. You are absolutely correct in saying that this is a beautiful country, if you have the means (rands) to enjoy it! I feel though that you may change your mind about "dramatic" when you see the poverty and degradation that the news cameras never show you, I see it every day here in Joburg, maybe I should start posting photos in case others dont believe me. I have to say that I get impatient with people who live on the other side of the world telling me that things "are not that bad". Believe me, its all part of the SA experience, you will never forget it! Some of the things I have witnessed here will never be forgotten! I do sincerely offer you the best of luck, this country has never been "easy" and from what is going on now its not going to get better soon, for the majority of black or white people at any rate. I hope you are one of the lucky ones, we all have to have a dream, I hope SA turns out to be yours!

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    posted by  Rob Vaughan in South Africa forum 

    There is always someone in every chatroom who will say "things are not that bad" etc, ad nauseum! Not going to argue the point, by the sounds of it you are of retiring age? Congratulations! Now try starting out under the CURRENT situation here!! As I was reading your reply I was waiting for you to tell me "there are no unemployed people here, they are there by choice", did I mention ad nauseum? As for there being plenty of legitimate work? Please tell me, sounds like you know a lot more about the employment situation here in Joburg than I do. Things are very different in PE than here! As for living in a "quiet farming area". Love to! Must be nice to have those kinds of choices!

  • Stop blaming South Africa from doing what is practice in your country.

    posted by Deleted user in South Africa forum 

    Stop blaming South Africa from doing what is practice in your country.
    What I have noticed is all western foreigners expect South Africa to be different by treating white foreigners differently. I will say there is opportunity for everybody in South Africa, but no opportunity for people looking for jobs black people can do. You do expect African to do cleaning job in your country and you came to Africa wanting to do highly paid job, or what they can so that they remain jobless. In Europe doors are not widely open for black and Africans, discriminated for everything, Job, housing, paper I can name them. If you respect the requirement to stay, work, make business in South Africa, no one will discriminate against you. It is not correct what Redewaan Josiasfor is saying, there is completion, if he is qualified he will get the job instead of sabotaging his country.
    Today in south Africa most companies are owned and led by whites, It is not easy for a black qualify South African to get jobs if it is not AA or EE, worst for many black African foreigners living here. Most of these companies give preference to white foreigners than African foreigners. Some preferences even go to less qualify white foreigner than black qualify African foreigners.
    If you are legal in the country, you will enjoy it you will do what you want. It is rare in South Africa to stop a white and ask for papers, but if you are black look different, the SAPS will stop most of the time. In the west, they stop black and non white all the time.
    Stop blaming South Africa from doing what is practice in your country.

  • linda elle


    posted by  linda elle in South Africa forum 

    Enough said, how many south africans are returned back to SA at the UK airports. U lucky you still in the why complain, first understand where the country its from. Why didn't you move to the US after marrying your wife. No offence

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