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Why Ict skill Business Analyst is under subject matter Bpo?

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I am from Bangladesh and I want to apply under critical skills visa. I have a bachelor degree (4 years) in computer science and engineering. I have 8 years of experience as a Business Analyst (IT). I have a confusion here about my qualification and experience. I would appreciate if someone could help me out to understand.

According to the critical skills list provided by DHA it seems my skills are listed.

But the Classification of Education Subject Matter for this skill is "Business process outsourcing (BPO)". I am not sure how this subject matter is aligned with this skill as there are some other skills like software development engineers and managers listed are also have generally an IT subject as a qualification.

Now, my question is -

1. Can I still apply and assess my qualification of computer science and engineering and skill as a business analyst from IITPSA?
2. If not where to assess my skill? What is the relevant degree/qualification for the subject matter BPO?

Immigration countries like australia, canada accept business analyst skill under IT qualification.

I would appreciate if you please answer me.


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