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Social System in South Africa

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my name is Claudia and I'm living in Germany.
My boyfriend and I are going to work for about 8month for our company in Jo'burg.

He will definitly make a so called delegation, meaning he works in Jo'burg for same conditions as in Germany.

If I'm going to work with him there (same company) it is at the moment not sure if I can also make an delegation. It could happen that i get a contract of our company in Jo'burg and my contract in Germany will be stopped.

I would like to know differences between earnings, the social system concerning health insurance, pension and so on.

At the moment i'm earning about 3.300 € before taxes and insurance as commercial clark in project business at a global company. Theses are about 33.000 rand per month.

I'm not sure if it is an good idea to have a contract in SA comparing to german conditions

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