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Applying for a D2 or D4 visa to study in Korea for 6 months

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Hi all,

Quick question: I've been researching the documents needed to apply for a Korean study visa, and as a UK national, it seems I have to provide the last 6 months' worth of bank statements, along with proof that I can afford to study the course I have in mind.

Now, I can provide proof of my funds, and I know this is enough to afford to do the course, but I'm wondering if there could be a problem with the 6 months' of bank statements. I have not worked for the past 6 months, due to family-related responsibilities, and any money that has been paid into my account has come from relatives. Will this affect my ability to get the study visa? And why exactly does the Korean embassy require this information?

Many thanks to anyone who can give me some advice on this.



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