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Children's clothing brands in South Korea

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Hi, I am a university student in New Zealand doing a marketing project on children's clothing brands in South Korea, I would really appreciate if someone can help me out and answer some questions I've posted below! - I am finding it difficult to find people at my univeristy who know about south korean retail.

Please answer these questions as truthfully as you can as it will greatly help us in our study.

Are you aware of the South Korean Retail Market? If yes please continue, otherwise thank you for your time

1. What current children’s clothing brands are you aware of in the South Korean market (children aged new born to 10 years)?

2. Which of the brands you have listed above would you consider mid to high-end market brands?

3. Of the brands listed above what do you like and dislike of each?

4. What is your general attitude towards spending money on good quality and design clothing for children (children aged new born to 10 years)? Please choose one of the options below
1. Unnecessary
2. Neither/nor important
3. Very important

5. How likely are you to spend money on mid to high – end market, good quality and well designed children’s clothing (children aged new born to 10 years)? Please choose one of the options below
1. Not likely
2. It is a possibility but I won’t commit to it
3. Very likely

6. Are you aware of the brand Pumpkin Patch? (Please choose one of the options below)

7. If so what is your impression of it?

Thank you very much for your participation and your time!!!

  • Catherin Lee

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  • Mònica Mateu

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    Hi, I also love Korean fashion style.
    I am planning to go to Korea for working as designer and to learn more about Korean coulture.
    This is my blog:!http://eme-de-monica
    If anyone needs a designer, please contact me :)

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    Children's cloth I think in Hyundai department store, they sell very nice clothes there :)) but of course, a little bit pricy !

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    Where do I find information about getting a dropshipper for Korean children's clothing? I have an online store.

  • Jas Han

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    My favorite Korean kids brands would have to be Berry Berry, Aura Kids, Witty Boy and JM Snail just to name a few.

    We are based in Hong Kong and have just started the online store. We ship worldwide and currently we are running a promotion. Most of our items are discounted 10% off plus if you register with us, you receive a 20% off coupon.

    Please visit and thanks for your support

    Also visit our Facebook page at

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    Great Quality Korean Kids' Clothing

    posted by  Leona Chan in South Korea forum 


    I am from the UK and I love Korean Fashion a lot! They are so beautiful and unique!

    I have bought some from a Singapore online shop, named Oh Hani for my children's clothes. the website is

    they are very good quality and authentic! you will love them like I do ! ^^

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    I will be going over to Seoul in May 2012 to meet up with my supplier :)
    Have been getting constant supplies from China factory who produce high quality Kid's Clothing and hats for Korea market.
    I do wholesale my product so that I and order in bulk make it cost effective. You can view them on and contact me if you are keen.

    I agreed with Stephanie that Pumkin Patch is pretty branded, at least in Singapore. I bought from them before and like their products :) However as a wholesaler and retailer myself, I find Korean stuff are much more worth it and their quality are usually better.

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    Hi, I have a store in Colombia with exclusive designed sandals and clothing for kids. I have looked for suppliers in China but I do not really see anything special. Do you have any suggestion? Could be from China or Korea. Thanks.

  • Adnan farid siddiqi

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    i am doing busienss in south korea,about couthes and used clouthes export many countries ,if you need any infor, reply me here,,

  • Stephanie Chan

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    Glad i could help:) we currently do ship worldwide and our webmaster is working on adding more countries soon. Thanks for your interest :)

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