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E6 Working Visa

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Does anyone know much about getting approved for this visa.
I'm a musician/performance maker coming over to study traditional singing. I need to earn money whilst here so that i can continue my study. Securing a job before landing is something that doesn't usually go down in my world, and jobs are ad hoc. I'm also keen to get some life modelling work and wonder if that falls under the E6 visa and if its even accepted? Any guidance would be appreciated.


  • Paradise Jedaite

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    If you're from an English speaking country, maybe a part time English teaching gig would work best for you. Pay should be about 30.000 KRW (34 AUD) per hour or at least that's what I've been offered by a hagwon owner (private school) for part time teaching when traveling to Japan to renew my tourist visa. FWIW I'm not from an English speaking country.

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