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Fantastic dentist in Gwangju

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My Holy Grail search for a good dentist ended when I found the Boston Dental Clinic in Gwangju (062-263-7528). Dr. Kim Hyun Jin is the consummate professional, and she takes a great deal of pride in her work. I needed a lot of work (two wisdom teeth extracted, two crowns, two inlays), and she did everything. Her English is really good, and all of the staff can speak English. She explained everything and asked me for my preferences when options presented themselves. Open also on Saturdays, her clinic is a textbook example of good management: everything runs with clockwork precision; all staff are educated, polite, and empowered; and NASA clean-room conditions always prevail. Few people enjoy going to the dentist, but the quality work she performs at a fraction of the going rate in Canada convinced me that my two hours on the bus every Saturday was worth the effort.

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