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    Anhyeong haseyo! :)

    posted by  Jayjay Mee in South Korea forum 

    I am more than willing to teach you English wether for conversational or for professional purposes. I speak Korean about 45% but only limited..I need to learn more. I am from the U.S.-- San Diego, California but I'm originally from the Philippines, migrated and have been living here for about 13 years now. I speak English, Tagalog/Filipino, and conversational Korean. The reason that I want to learn Hangul is that I wanna move there when I pass my National Board examination in Respiratory Care. I wanna work in one of the most updated technology powered Korean hospital in Korea, I think that it's one of any healthcare professionals dreams to work with the most updated and innovated hospital technologies in terms of medical machines. I hope to hear from you very soon to work together on helping each other's language learning. Kamsa- hamnida! :)

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