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Investment Opportunities In Korea - Open for Foreigners and Nationals

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Korea is one of the very few countries in the world, who considers land as an investment instrument. Thus, land in Korea is available for investments to foreigners, at the same price, tax rate, and fees as nationals.

When considering land for investments, it's not today's value but tomorrow's value! Korea is one of the fastest developing countries in the world and it no longer takes a decade to build high rise apartments or complex infrastructures, but only a fraction of the time. With the information, technology, and data available, tomorrow is here TODAY!

Did you know foreigners can invest and buy property with 100% ownership in South Korea? It's not only possible but according to Korea's National Database, foreigners (with Americans encompassing more than 50%) are increasingly owning Korean land and property. There are many incentives for foreigners to invest in Korea, such as no differences in taxes, fees, or prices, high returns on investments, and short-term investment options.

Common misconceptions about land investments are affordability and availability. First you do NOT need to have a lot of money to invest and begin your portfolio; however, many current investors end up regretting not investing more when they had the opportunity to do so. Also, it is estimated that most of Korea's major developments and projects will be completed by 2027, which means TODAY is the most opportune moment to benefit from these events. Today, you will be able to benefit from the relatively low prices because once these projects begin, land in the area may not be affordable. Thus, as Korea grows and prospers, so will your return on investment!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Also visit us at for more information. Thanks!!

Tae Y. Kim

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