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Learning Korean

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hi, guys! I'm 21 girl, college student in korea.
well I'm interested in teaching Korean.(as a career in the future probably) I'm trying to make some teachinig experience so if anybody want to practice Korean or need a help, Please leave me a msg! :)

Or just being a friend casually is also good!

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  • Catherin Lee

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    Wanna make some Korean friends

    posted by  jaden chan in South Korea forum 

    Hi, I am Jaden, from Hong Kong
    and I am a korean fans and also EXID Leggo,
    i am very interested in meeting some korean fans, sharing travel information or any others.
    I leave my kakao ID here, i.e. (jaden0626),
    if you are also interested in making friends around the world, please invite me.

  • Yoshua Wonnink

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    You can study Korean at they also offer books, ebooks, lessons etc. Arirang radio is also sometimes helpful and
    These youtube channels can help too:
    There are many more!;) I hope It helps you.
    Oh, and I also have a question. How do you apply for a study visa?
    I hope you have a great time in Korea!

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    Dear korean teacher, I will be very thankfull if you tech me korean as I need it really, I am going to apply study visa in south korea, plz help me learning korean


    our skype asaadsarraj add me my mobil 00971504250070 thank u

    posted by  AL QAFILA BUSES RENTALS in South Korea forum 

    our skype asaadsarraj add me my mobil 00971504250070 thank u


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    am asaad from dubai i want to go to korea at 25\08\2013 pls any one he can meet

  • Rodriguez Marckenz

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    Helloooo pls need some gud advice from the forum.. i will really like to know if its posible to go for a degree program in korean language after u have succeded in learning the language... pls replyyyyy regards to all in the forummm

  • Tanyta florea

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    hi I am a romanian girl and i wana move in koreea but first i wanna learn the language . you could help me?

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    hello! my name is zee.. im really interested in learning more about korea and hangul.. you can contact me at [...] .. hoping to hear from you soon!



    posted by  YUEZHENG HU in South Korea forum 

    My name's YUZHENG.
    I'm planning on staying in Seoul for 3 monthes of 2012 alone, from April to July. It's my first time. Obviously I don't know anyone there, I am planning on traveling around Seoul in weekend. Could you help me? My email is [...].

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