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Looking for a job (urgent)

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Hi everyone, I am posting here in hopes that someone whom already has a job in Seoul;Korea might be able to assist me in landing a job. My name is Darren and I'm from Singapore. Whether or not Korea is going consider me a native speaker I don't really care much for because I know for a fact that Singaporeans (the new generations) grew up learning English as their first language so I believe in my language proficiency and my ability to teach English.

If there are any schools or private centres who are willing to consider me for employment, I wouldn't mind an income just a little lower compared to the other so called "native speakers". I'm sure somebody here teaches in Seoul. I am hoping you would be kind enough to pull some connections and get me an interview.

I have absolutely no idea about how to apply for visa and all but I do know that I do not need any sort of visa to enter Korea, and that each entry allows me to stay for 90 days. I am looking for a FullTime job, and be able to obtain the working visa.

Can someone help me here on this, pull strings and introduce maybe?

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    Ohh...thanks for replying! :D I'm in a similar scenario. Just serving notice period for my current employment and contemplating my next step. I've always wanted to take up Korean language courses in Seoul but it would be too challenging financially for me to be a full time student since I'll be self-funding.

    I'm considering English teaching position too and don't mind taking up TEFL/TESOL Cert if required. However since I'm from Malaysia, we are not considered native English speakers despite me spending my whole life learning and practicing the language. I've graduated from my Bachelor degree in Australia and spent 4 years of my life there with a pretty solid IELTS 8.0 but my passport still says Malaysia so yeah... we are not among the native list lol.

    Anyways! so which University are you attending now? Furthering your studies in Masters? All the best for your future undertakings :)

  • Darren Chia

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    Nope I gave up searching and got myself enrolled in further studies.

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    Hi Darren, I see you've posted this since a year ago. Not sure if you've managed to land yourself something in South Korea? :)

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    What kind of job?

  • Catherin Lee

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  • Lori Graves

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    Hi Darren, I don't know if you'd be interested or not but there is a great company right now they has just started in South Korea!
    It's the fastest growing company in the industry, in the four years they've been open, they are now over a billion dollars, we are partnered with Princeton University, there is 20 years of research behind a product that has real results for real people.
    There are people in Korea already making $50,000 bonuses, and we are still looking to build our team with more who want to do the same.
    Connect through My website
    Then go to the new Brand Center there in Seoul, tell them Lori Graves Sent you, ask for Tracee and her husband Kal. They will give you all the information.
    You could be earning a pay heck and bonuses next week!

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    Hi Darren,

    I am an old Korean man, who spent college time in the US for 6 years. Just to let you know, as I had worked as an English teacher myself long ago though, that you are in fact considered as a native speaker, so don't you worried. However, Korean language institutes and schools indeed prefer teachers from western countries such as US, UK, and etc. But if you search harder, google harder, I truly believe that you will find one that you desire. It is really depending upon how hard you try and how low you can go down, I think.

    Also if you look for a job in Seoul, it will be harder. but if you expand the area to around metropolitan areas, you will have higher chance to find a job.

    Try to make a local friend first (Korean native preferably) by making an online friend or a Korean friend in Singapore, then ask him/her to recommend potential workplace after you talk and share your requirements.

    Hope this helped you a bit.

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