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Part time work in korea

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Hello. I would like to ask anyone. May I know any suitable part time jobs available near seoul for me to work? Because I'm planning to continue study in korean language first while applying for graduate master course, and of course need some financial help. Please help me. You can send me reply at [...] thanks.

  • Catherin Lee

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    Hello Lori Graves. I am interested in doing job in Korea. Can i get a good job.
    Currently i am doing job in India.

  • Lori Graves

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    Hi Darren, I don't know if you'd be interested or not but there is a great company right now they has just started in South Korea!
    It's the fastest growing company in the industry, in the four years they've been open, they are now over a billion dollars, we are partnered with Princeton University, there is 20 years of research behind a product that has real results for real people.
    There are people in Korea already making $50,000 bonuses, and we are still looking to build our team with more who want to do the same.
    Connect through My website
    Then go to the new Brand Center there in Seoul, tell them Lori Graves Sent you, ask for Tracee and her husband Kal. They will give you all the information.
    You could be earning a pay heck and bonuses next week!

  • usman ali

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    yes me need a good and suitable job

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