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Travel Restrictions re. Korean enlistment

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Hi everyone!

A quick history: My boyfriend and I have been together for practically two years and we really want to marry. He is Korean, I am Irish. The only issue is that he is now coming into difficulty when it comes to travelling as he is almost 24 in international age and has not done his military obligations/community service so he is getting passport restrictions. A single passport is what they call it, he says.

We have been talking about getting married for a while now and we were probably going to go Las Vegas to do it with less hassle involved from both our respective countries. He is allowed to travel one time I believe in 2020, and we just wanted to know:

Would he have trouble getting into a country - disregarding the visa issues - if the Korean government is placing these restrictions on his single-use passport? Is it possible to even get married in LV with a single passport given that you need form of identification?

If you have any stories or tips similar to this, let me/us know!

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    I think your boyfriend has time to commit to the military service. I don’t think a marriage would be stopped. However, living in another country would be a different case.

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