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Average salaries in Spain

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Does anyone know what the average salary for university graduates is in Spain? I heard it's around 1000 Euros per month - but that is close to nothing! Can't imagine how you would survive on that salary ...

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    Hi everybody!!!

    I am agree with Guillermo,the salaries are lower than the rest of Europe,but this is not the only problem.

    Most of the people are working a lot of hours per day(Spain is one of the countries of Europe in which the people work too many hours for a low salary),without conciliation between family life and jobs.

    There is also a lot of people(like some friends of mine) that still live in their parent's house with thirty or more years old.People with university studies that earn less than a waiter or a driver.

    Laura,I live in Madrid and I tell you if your salary is lower than 1500 euros you must live with other people if you don,t want to live in your parent's house,because the houses and flats are expensive in relation with the salaries.My flat has about 65 square meters an I paid 230000 euros for it.

  • Laura Lahikainen

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    The average is lower than rest of Europe - but the quality of life is not that bad :P
    I have written couple of articles about working here, take a look to get understanding why I am more or less satisfied after all:

    It is absolutely possible to live here with 1000-1500 a month!

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    The vast majority o a very large number of spanish people get 1000 euros as a monthly salary and many people even less. Jobs for qualified people are very scarce while on the other hand people with a university degree are counted in hundreds of thousands, so companies pay very low salaries. Yo don't want the job? No problem, there are hundreds of other candidates. That's the situation. And just be happy if you have a job. There are so many that don't have it! About 4 millions

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    You can not, you live with your parents. It´s right 1000 euros/moth. Maybe 1500.

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