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Interesting places to visit in Spain

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Dear all!

I just moved to Madrid for my internship and I am quite interested in the history of Spain and the small cities.
Are there any small hidden gems around the country that I can visit for a weekend?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

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  • cri job

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    I can give you one: what do you want a bus ticket ? train ticket ?

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    posted by  Daniel Greenway in Spain forum 

    where do I get a ticket?

  • cri job

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    Literature means books, it's nothing to do with terraces and plazas..... if someone is interested in literature sure will choose another language, as spanish only got the one book of that cervantes and then the choice is over.

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    If you're interested in Spanish literature, definitely check out Alcala de Henares. It's only 40 minutes from Atocha on the cercinias and is the birthplace of Cervantes! There's lots of beautiful terraces and plazas and it's a great way to spend a day.

  • cri job

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    Vas a ver la catalunya , ahora que llega el verano es mejor
    Valencia y Gerona sobre todo!!1

    Que has visitado hasta ahora ?

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    I would definitely recommend visiting Salamanca, a small town just north of Madrid: a beautiful town with one of te olest universities in Europe. Also, Seville is an amazing city you won't regret visiting!

    Hope this helps! Enjoy Spain!

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