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    Saludos de California.

    I live in California. We have more Spanish speakers in California
    than in many Spanish speaking countries. The U.S. right now is
    the 4th or 5th largest Spanish speaking country in the world after
    Mexico, Spain and or Argentina/Colombia. With 21 Spanish speaking
    countries that's saying something. By 2050 we will have more Spanish
    speakers than Spain. That's muy ironico!!

    I taught high school Spanish and now I teach Italian to adults.
    If you speaker Italian then Spanish is easy and visa versa.

    If you need help with Spanish or Italian let me known. I can help
    you for gratis. A proposito, gratis means free in both Spanish and Italian and A proposito means by the way in both llanguages.


    David a.k.a. Davide

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