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    I am a Florida born EU citizen and I have recently decided that I HATE the American culture! My family and I (bf and 1 year old son) have decided that in the next 2 years we want to relocate. We have both been to spain on several occasions and love everything about it. I want to be in a place that understands the meaning of simple pleasures and family life. We are looking to relocate to Barcelona because I have some uncles and cousins there. I know that the unemployment rate is high but becasue there system is so different, I wonder if it is really as bad as they say it is. Can we make it work there? I am here hoping to find people who have relocated and have some feedback - hopefully possitive. Most of all, I am hoping to find business contacts because one of us will need a job upon arrival. My spanish can use a little work since I did grow up in a cuban community who speaks spanglish, but I still consider myself fluent and I am a very hard worker!

    Excited to meet you all!

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