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Smoking in Spain

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I am amazed!! Had to go to a hospital emergency last weekend and had a very strange experience. You're in the waiting room of a HOSPITAL, there is a big sign which says "no smoking" on the wall - and people happily light up their cigarettes whithout anybody getting upset about it!

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    Спасибо, всем привет

  • Dora Böhm

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    This is really funny Junior! But in the end they got what they deserved!!

  • Junior .

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    Once I was working in a shop, two nackers came inside smoking, after I ask them 3 times to stop or go out of the store and they just keep smoking without any respect of the signs, of me and of the other customers, I got the fire extinguisher (fire gun? I don´t know the name) and shoot them on trhe head, I was so furious.. they called the police and after everything, the police called me at the corner and said " good job!"...But my manager fucked me off

  • Blizzy Everhard

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    They DO know .. but they just don't care

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