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Spanish men and their Spanish temper...

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I know that's an old discussion and full of stereotypes - but I just have to share my experiences!
I've been in Madrid recently (only for one week to search a room for my upcoming internship) and therefore came across the Spanish guys.
I already heard some stories of Spanish being very "open" towards people (especially girls), but I didn't think there were THAT open! When you're walking down the street some of them yell at you, and in clubs it's even worse! In some cases it's hard to get rid of them!
Of course, you can find that kind of guys in Germany too, but not in that extent!
I think their behavior is just part of the Spanish mentality.
What experience did you make as a girl here in Spain? (boys are also welcome to give their opinion...especially Spanish ones ;-))

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    In the past it's true that especially construction workers used to say "piropos" to girls and some of them were rude, but nowadays they don't do that normally.
    It's true that we are noisy in general and we have fewer rules for "being polite" than other countries, so they can see us as rude, but at the same time for us it's rude to ignore people who are next to us on certain occasions, so we tend to talk to people next to us even if we don't know them. (It's not necessary to establish a chat with everyone, but for us it's rude don't say "hola" or " buenos días/tardes/noches"and "hasta luego" in a lift, in a waiting room,...), and if you go to your friend's house you have to say: "hola" to the rest of the people who are with him.
    On the other hand, we tend to call "guapa" (beauty) or "preciosa" (beautiful) to girls or women when talking, even women tend to use these words toward other women, girls or children when we want to show affection, and we want to say something nice to someone.
    In Spain we tend to use compliments not only to get sex, but to be nice with other people.

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    spanish is very beautiful language of the world and mostly European peoples use this language for communication

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    My bloodline from my mother's side of the family is spanish. My grandfather, great grandparents were pure spanish.
    Living with them as a child and witnessing them argue more than half the time made think that I come from a race that's so feisty. In fact, I am one. But I don't take that experience as a gauge to generalize people from Spain. I have been living my life in three different continents for the past 15 years.
    In any city and country that I lived in, I found all sorts of rude and disrespectful men. That said, negative qualities by default cross boundaries. However, I acknowledge the fact that there'd be one outstanding collective culture trait that defines a race beyond color.
    I am compelled to say that I believe spanish men can be passionate. I can tell by the way they talk to me. It's more than just the respect they extend to me but probably to all women, but there's really a difference when they'd speak to a man.
    Men in the US are decent too and there's no denying that you'll find jerks but it's the same all over the world.

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    i went on a date with a spanish man we had been talking for two months we had a lovely time chatted for a few hours in a bar then went to pictures but he didnt give me a proper kiss at end of date just kissed my cheeks same as when he greeted me he has asked to see me again and wanted a text to say i was home safe but does he fancy me with not givin me a passionate kiss is this just the sanish way i am english so i dont know how spanish court women im asking advice as i dont want to ask him i just playing it cool lol can anyone help please

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    This is one thing i kind of love about spanish men, they deff. dont beat around the bush and wow they are hot, they are HOT lol and they are not all the same, but they do give a lot of affection unlike most men i know.

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    I am currently engaged to be married to a Spanish man from Andalusia, he is in his forties and he is absolutely wonderful. He dresses like he is stuck in the 80's and his hair too, but it is nothing that we cannot work on. His family is huge, they talk really loud and they are very tight knit, he has sisters that are tall blonde and have blue eyes, as well as brothers that have the combination of dark hair and dark eyes along with colored eyes and blonde hair. All the men in my fiancees family are flirtatious as well as my fiancee,they shout out to woman that are attractive, "Guapona". I use to hate it but I learned to get over it as I realized that my fiancee may be a flirt but he was totally about me and our family. Meaning flirting was as far as he went, he would never step over the line by cheating. He expects me to respect him in public and I demand the same from him, we have a mutual understanding that God made beautiful people and we can appreciate it but not to the point where we disrespect each other. My fiancee is a great listener, friend, Father, and lover, he has a temper, and he gets jealous just like anyone else does. My point is that you have players, lovers, fighters, goofy and stinky people in every race. Never judge an entire race over an observed behavior of a small group of people, because you just might miss out on meeting that special someone.

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    Ok, so I'm half German and half Spanish, and I am from Bavaria(Southern Germany) and men call out to you all the time here. I do not know what part of Germany she is from but I do know the North is very different from the South. We have alot of different cultures and races here that influence our day-to-day living. In my hometown we have alot of Spanish , Italian , turkish and gypsys, mother being half Roma. And in southern Germany its normal to see a group of guys standing by a bakery, church or any store and they see you across the street whistle, or yell hey sexy, or they call out specific color you have on and they tell you how sexy you are and how they want to talk to you. ITS NORMAL! and no big deal!..Right know I live in the U.S , I used to live in Georgia(the south) and let me tell you the men are aggressive , confident and they will call you out if they think your attractive and they will follow you ! Depending on the person and situation it can be creepy. But now I'm in Delaware(The North) for school and the guys are "Pussy's", they are too afraid to be aggressive , they just don't think they have to work for your attention which i hate!..ANYWAY , why all the Bitching!..If a man tells you your beautiful , in Spain or anywhere else and your offended its because honestly American aren't used to compliments!,,You don't see people compliment each other, American have there noses so far up in the air to do that!..SORRY BUT TRUE!..And I've known several Gitano's from Andulucia and yeah they can be seen cocky or arrogant to some people but to me they seem confident and if you have problem with that then maybe you need to evaluate your confidence!...And why complain about hoe "macho" a Spanish man is ? but then you say they are loving and kind!..ARE YOU SERIOUS? To me that would be the best combination! A man who knows how to be a "man" but still be sweet and family oriented at the same time!...People in the U.S and England cant accept the"macho" from Spanish men , because Hell ! In America men aren't men, and women aren't women!..Yes, there shouldn't be set roles of each sex!, but those lines are so blurred that men act like women and women act like men!..Its ridiculous! Anyway what I'm trying to say there isnt anything more sexy than a man who is a man , but still has a soft-side as well!

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    I have been in spain twice and i really agree that yelling and complimenting thing at the streets, but really i kinda enjoyed it. Actually me and my friends asked from spanish guys about their manners of yelling and why they do that :D And they said its because they see a few beautiful blonde women and they belive that in nordic countrys (in finland at this case) we have open-minded religion and culture. They added that blonde womens are so rare in southern europe that they cant resist that :D. But anyway i cant blame them 'cause when i see a handsome latino guy at the streets of helsinki i feel like yelling complimets at them too, but i cant cause it would be embarrasing in finland. I have been in portugal too and i didn't notice a lot of differences between spanish and portugese guys. Anyway i'd like to go back to spain :)

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    Just so timely because I really like a Spanish guy this time. We don't really know each other. We just meet in the lobby and every time he has a meeting with my boss. He's very nice though. He's very generous with his smiles every time we meet. I find him very charming and warm.. So, it is so common for Spanish men? And ooh.. he's really cute/handsome that my eyes just got stuck on his face every time I see him!!! And the sweet smile? It melts my heart.. Hahaha (^.^)

    Anyway, my questions are: how would you know Spanish men like you? What do they like in a girl? (^.^)

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    It is so funny!! I read your comment and what I see is the typical American redneck

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