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Spanish men and their Spanish temper...

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I know that's an old discussion and full of stereotypes - but I just have to share my experiences!
I've been in Madrid recently (only for one week to search a room for my upcoming internship) and therefore came across the Spanish guys.
I already heard some stories of Spanish being very "open" towards people (especially girls), but I didn't think there were THAT open! When you're walking down the street some of them yell at you, and in clubs it's even worse! In some cases it's hard to get rid of them!
Of course, you can find that kind of guys in Germany too, but not in that extent!
I think their behavior is just part of the Spanish mentality.
What experience did you make as a girl here in Spain? (boys are also welcome to give their opinion...especially Spanish ones ;-))

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    Spanish men and their Spanish temper

    posted by  Ana Chandler in Spain forum 

    Yes, I totally agree with you!! They´re so direct, when they want to stare they´ll just go ahead even if they´re with their poor wives or girlfriends. You´re in Madrid, you´ve got it easy!! When you come to Andalucia their directness just joke.

    My very feminist British "no nonsense" sister once called the police!! That taught those machos a lesson! But when the police arrived they said it was the custom to pay compliments to the ladies and that the "creep" was just trying to be friendly...CAN YOU BELIEVE TI?

    But in general they are nice and chivalrous and very very good looking. Fancy coming to Granada to check out the scene one day?

  • spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    Hee Tina, did you make some bad experience with those guys? :D
    But I have to (partly) agree, lots of Spanish guys just look the same, all very "macho-like".
    But there are also lots of cute ones (if you're lucky to see them anywhere :D)

  • Spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    Tina, I really don't wanna know which places you've been to, that you say that xD There ARE good looking Spanish guys (may sound a little self-opinionated now) only have to open your mind for them ;))

  • Spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    I think it also depends on the kind of attitude you have towards the men of a certain country. If you're going to Spain and are already thinking like: "In Spain there are only machos anyway", you will only see this type in every man, doesn't matter if he is one or not. So maybe we should follow the advice of Gonzalo and "open our minds" ;)

  • Spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    Thanks, Julia ;)
    Really funny to hear how different the opinions about Spanish men are.
    Any other statements? (only good ones hopefully) ;)

  • Spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    Seems like either the women here didn't meet that many Spanish guys, or they're to lazy to state their opinions :D

  • Discussion about Spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    Yeah, that's really a pity! I'd love to hear more opinions about us ;-) jeje
    Go ahead girls! :D

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    Spanish Men- nice:)

    posted by  Jo N in Spain forum 

    I love Spanish guys. Been living in Czech Republic for almost 4 years, and dying for a man who shows some affection and emotion, and appreciates women! Passion! :) I think Spanish men have this. It is true that they look at other women when they are with you, and I really don't like this, but I can put up with this from a guy who treats me like a princess in other ways, and shows his feelings for me:) I'm moving to Spain soon, and hope that I will have good experiences and responses from the Spanish men, because I really appreciate them. Do you think Spanish men like American women?

  • Spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    > Do you think Spanish men like American women?

    We are not at all prejudiced, Jo N.
    We love attractive women from anywhere ;)

    Hope we have you soon with us :)

  • Spanish men and their Spanish temper...

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    We are not all like that, Julia.
    I never intrude on any woman unless she gives me the 'go ahead' (probably the reason I don't pick up so many girls ;) )

  • spanish men

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    Please don't generalize.

    You are so pretty that you'll be able to choose from hundreds of smitten Spaniards! Choose a clean one ;)

  • re:

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    I think that Spanish men are incredible. Emotional, loving, affectionate, caring, hot-tempered, goodlooking, most Spanish men and boys that I know aren't afraid of commitment(well that's my experience) different from all the Dutch men I know. Dutch men hardly show they love their girlfriends or wives, they don't show affection, they're rude and distant. Not all Dutch men are like that, but I just don't feel at ease with Dutch men. Spanish men are the total opposite of Dutch men. I also like the way Spanish men dress.

  • Sara de España

    Hi Julia!

    posted by  Sara de España in Spain forum 

    Note:That a man flirting with you dont mean you have to accept this, sometimes is just a game for make you the life more beautiful and to can draw an smile in your face.

    I think is not so bad a man give you some "attentions",piropos or say things or so ...

    I mean: when you was born with this, this can be normal, always they respect you and no make more than this. (They dont do it, at least with spanish women)

    Sometimes living in Spain if one day I had a bad day or so .. I would like to be invisible and nobody look at you .. sometimes I wish this dont be on this way ...

    But when I arrived abroad, to Germany. I missed very much this. Here all is very indepedietly and sometimes you have the sensation to be alone and that you dont matter to nobody.

    when they try to flirting or so .. they are direct . .face to face .. and I say Why not? it is better to flirt in a chat? - No for me

    We are a culture who like to be direct, and having contact with persons. I really need to talk easilly with person and to know all my whole street where I life! hehe ...

    I like people talk with me easily and when they tell you all his life in one minute when you dont know this person and tomorrow you find this person and smile you and say: hey, hello !!!

    I miss to say to the waiter Schhhh Antonio !!! Carry me one coke and start to talk with him and ask him for the family and he to me ...

    I liked to have the sensation you matter to other persons and I miss when you have a bad day and someone ask you ...
    what happen you? where you go with this face?

    and you tell to this persons your problems and then maybe they make you a joke and you start to laugth, then you listen things that animated you and beautiful words like : came on beautiful! I dont want to see you so sad ... ! and other things are impossible to translate.

    Yeah, my like all this, from the respect of course.

    But if I could choosse was born again and I would can to choosse the country ... I would born spanish again for have all love I have received there ,from my childhood.

  • I dont know

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    Because, my man is german¡¡¡¡
    And for me er ist toll¡¡¡

    The men in my country??? as the men in germany, you can find good, bad, nice, unpolite etc

  • Carlos Vallespìn Urbeltz

    i want believe

    posted by  Carlos Vallespìn Urbeltz in Spain forum 

    I want to believe , ( X files )

    Of course , we want believe all

    But u r right when you say that's an stereotype , or topic

    we are not children so , we know usually a topic is just an opinion of one man , who was taked seriously .

    I listen many of those opinions about us ( spanish men ) we r little , we talk very quickly , we r really bad to learn languajes ....

    Really ? WTF !!

    Just two questions , you been in Madrid , but dont speak spanish , so cant know spanish people if you dont speak our languaje .
    ...And , if you want know the real spanish's mind you must go in a little town.
    ( in the center of Madrid 75% of people are strangers )

    After that , you can believe the half of that you see yourself .

    So i cant say " how we are " i have a similar question 4 u ,
    the topic about germans girls is " you are blonde big, cold and complicated "

    Is that true ? of course it isnt

  • José Luis Narganes priego

    José Luis de España

    posted by  José Luis Narganes priego in Spain forum 

    Hi everybody!!!.

    I think that is a mistoke to generalize about this question.

    Man and women in the same country are very different each other otherwise is a topic("topicazo" in spanish).

    For example,I am spanish and this not means that I like "bull´s party"(I hate it).

    It is true that the " piropo" in the street is a piece of culture for some men(specially construction workers),but other men like myself consider this unpolite,specially with women of another countries that do not know about this kind of "flirting mode".


  • Generalization

    posted by Deleted user in Spain forum 

    I agree that there is some generalization in this question, but they are certain "averages" that are simply different between different nationalities ;)

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    my cousin

    posted by  Angel Caido in Spain forum 

    she is from abroad and always talk about the topic of typical MACHO MACHO Spanish men in her country but when she comes on holiday she is the dangerous one, my friends (males) can swear it.
    about if we are clean, I remember in London the discussions with the landlords because I used to "waste" too much water in the shower every single day.

  • Maya Habee


    posted by  Maya Habee in Spain forum 

    Erm, I don't get it, why do macho guys have to be related with not having shower?

  • Carlos Vallespìn Urbeltz

    cause ...

    posted by  Carlos Vallespìn Urbeltz in Spain forum 

    Cause those two afirmations are in the same category " stupid and fake topics" we have the same in all countries .

    When somebody begin a disscusion like this many people profit to explain their " hate "

    The problem is when other people believe this , so we are obliged deny these afirmations .

    cheers , and wellcome to justlanded Maya Habee

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