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Spanish men and their Spanish temper...

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I know that's an old discussion and full of stereotypes - but I just have to share my experiences!
I've been in Madrid recently (only for one week to search a room for my upcoming internship) and therefore came across the Spanish guys.
I already heard some stories of Spanish being very "open" towards people (especially girls), but I didn't think there were THAT open! When you're walking down the street some of them yell at you, and in clubs it's even worse! In some cases it's hard to get rid of them!
Of course, you can find that kind of guys in Germany too, but not in that extent!
I think their behavior is just part of the Spanish mentality.
What experience did you make as a girl here in Spain? (boys are also welcome to give their opinion...especially Spanish ones ;-))

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  • Charlotte x

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    Well I really don't know what to believe here. I am looking to buy a property in Spain on France in a few years, I am going to Spain next year. I would really like a spanish boyfriend when I'm older, but I cannot stand rude and arrogant men. I really do think Australian guys are just arrogant and so into themselves. But I agree, you can't say nasty things about other cultures. If you respect people they wil respect you. It's different for everyone, maybe some Spanish men are nasty, but it doesn't mean they all are. I'm half Italian and quater spanish, but for sure my dads an ahole. and hes italian.

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    OK I respect totally your point of view...we got the natural trend to live and feel according to our previous negative or positive experiences...Spain now is a real melting pot, I nearly cannot distinguish a "original" spaniard from other people coming from abroad and simply living in Spain during a period of their lives... So, maybe you can be surprised discovering that some person might feel australian men too rude, as far as I am sure it is absolutely unfair. Anyway, choosing a partner from another culture is always a big marvellous challenge. I experience this everyday, since I married to a chinese woman. So...hope you are happy and enjoy everyday's life.

  • Daniel .

    Spanish men

    posted by  Daniel . in Spain forum 

    Hi Tina your comment seems quite disrespectful to me, disgusting.

    It is common to say here and in Italy that Germans do not take showers and that German girls are awfully hairy and stinking, should I say that as a fact? I just do not do it.

    Being the typical Spaniard or not, I take 2 showers a day and have never bothered a girl, just for your "records"

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    I was born in uruguay south america, and I have spanish background (also italian too) and honestly I don't like the men from spain, too direct, and sometimes insensitive, and always judgamental, that is why I married an australian man, I came to live in australia for that reason, I prefer an anglo than an spaniard.

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    You right I was in spain recently, generally spanish men are too dark for my tastes,
    I prefer ligth skin and blonde men, they are VERY SEXY, only in madrid I saw a really sexy spanish man, he was a traffic policemen and he was directing the traffic in la gran via in the city of madrid, he was tall blonde with huge blue eyes, I even took a photo of him, I never saw again another good looking spaniard, they are very far and in between, believe me.


    Hey Georgina

    posted by  ANIS AHMAD in Spain forum 

    May be you right because i have no experience with any spanish men. But i think good and bad people exiting everywhere.

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    It is really impressive the amount of topics, lies, insulting words and some deep racist paintbrushes in this post.
    I feel so ashamed that I think this garbage doesn t deserve not even a reply more.
    Only one thing to highlight. If Spain is so full of maniacs, "machos", perverts and hot-headed....why our country is a top list concerning the number of tourists visiting us every year?

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    Hello guys,

    I have just joined Just Landed. I seem to like this interesting post about Spanish men.

    I live in Singapore and there is only a small Spanish community here. I am studying Spanish now at a pre-advanced level and yes, I enjoy my Spanish lessons so much. As there are not many Spanish men here, it is difficult for me to judge. After reading this useful posts, I am more attracted to Spanish men. To me, Spanish men are more appealing than Asian Men. Spanish men are more romantic, know how to treat women well, have a very good sense of humor, humble...correct me if I am wrong.

    I never date a Spanish guy before but would love to : )

    Thanks guys, for this posts. Maybe I should start to date a Spanish guy now ; )

  • manoj vyas

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    What about Indian men who are well known for dere intelligence.?

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    You couldn't possibly judge the whole region or country -- and yet, it sounds like you are.

    Wherever you go, people are going to stare at something that does not look like everything/everyone else. I experienced it, myself -- I'm rather like you. Tall, light-haired, light-eyed.

    I can almost promise you that you're not getting free stuff because if your looks -- you're getting free stuff because of your *manners*.

    Spanish people adore foreigners with good manners. I was a guest in someone's home once, and the gentleman offered me a very valuable artifact that he'd picked up simply because I'd complimented it so pleasantly. I've spent a fair amount of time there and I have never seen this courtesy extended to someone only because they're good-looking.

    The attitude of 'the good life' does, in a measure, include appreciating beauty in all its forms. This is, after all, a region that was adjacent to the Italian Renaissance. Still, I have a really hard time thinking that it's necessary to view this with such negativity. How long have you been in Spain?

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