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    Cultural differences

    posted by  Guillermo de la Puerta in Spain forum 

    Hello Julia
    There are some cultural differences that need to be explained.
    Usually we speak very loud as if we were yelling and in bars we shout even more, not just to women, but also among ourselfs, that's a thing that surprises many foreign people.Sometimes we speak as if we were getting angry but we are not. It's only spanish character. Saying compliments to the ladies as they walk in the street is getting old fashioned now but never the less is considered normal. I have friends that still do it.
    Another difference, in Spain there is no such strong privacy like in nordic countries not to say in the U.S. Here everyone looks at you and you look to everyone and sometimes if a guy likes you he stares at you to such a limit that in other countries would be labelled as rude and unpolite.But to some extent is normal.
    Enjoy your stay in Spain

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