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    Ok, so I'm half German and half Spanish, and I am from Bavaria(Southern Germany) and men call out to you all the time here. I do not know what part of Germany she is from but I do know the North is very different from the South. We have alot of different cultures and races here that influence our day-to-day living. In my hometown we have alot of Spanish , Italian , turkish and gypsys, mother being half Roma. And in southern Germany its normal to see a group of guys standing by a bakery, church or any store and they see you across the street whistle, or yell hey sexy, or they call out specific color you have on and they tell you how sexy you are and how they want to talk to you. ITS NORMAL! and no big deal!..Right know I live in the U.S , I used to live in Georgia(the south) and let me tell you the men are aggressive , confident and they will call you out if they think your attractive and they will follow you ! Depending on the person and situation it can be creepy. But now I'm in Delaware(The North) for school and the guys are "Pussy's", they are too afraid to be aggressive , they just don't think they have to work for your attention which i hate!..ANYWAY , why all the Bitching!..If a man tells you your beautiful , in Spain or anywhere else and your offended its because honestly American aren't used to compliments!,,You don't see people compliment each other, American have there noses so far up in the air to do that!..SORRY BUT TRUE!..And I've known several Gitano's from Andulucia and yeah they can be seen cocky or arrogant to some people but to me they seem confident and if you have problem with that then maybe you need to evaluate your confidence!...And why complain about hoe "macho" a Spanish man is ? but then you say they are loving and kind!..ARE YOU SERIOUS? To me that would be the best combination! A man who knows how to be a "man" but still be sweet and family oriented at the same time!...People in the U.S and England cant accept the"macho" from Spanish men , because Hell ! In America men aren't men, and women aren't women!..Yes, there shouldn't be set roles of each sex!, but those lines are so blurred that men act like women and women act like men!..Its ridiculous! Anyway what I'm trying to say there isnt anything more sexy than a man who is a man , but still has a soft-side as well!

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