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    Not just at women...

    posted by  Sambo Paul in Spain forum 


    A litle bit trivial but a good current topic Julia, and as tedious as this hole goggling thing may be I now find myself being a bit annoyed actually.

    I'm also on an internship here for a couple of weeks now. I'm Dutch, but partially armenian and Surinamese, I'm a bit talll normally built. Here in Spain women have several times given me things for free and people in general treat me as though I'm really special, people goggle at me openly and seriously, when I walk into a room sometimes everything stops. Luckily without my clothes on it´s much less; I never, ever, work out.

    I really don't care about my appearance and have begun letting my beard grow and wearing caps everywhere I go, this region Andalucia, people just seems to be obsessed with body images.

    I think here in Spain people have a culture of living outside, they haven't seen as many blonds and brown tall men as have done people in the Netherlands. Moreover, I think they see giving attention in this manner as a good thing because they have somewhat traditional views in their head.

    However, in my opinion no matter what a person looks like they should be treated equally and giving a person consistant attention in this manner is therefore wrong, not only is it demeaning for women, it also explains to me why some of my dearest African friends that went on exchange here came back hating the latino culture.

    I couldn't possibly judge the whole region or country , but do feel the need to say it is a disappointment in the sense that I thought Spain in general was a bit more developed.

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