• Oh, yeah, and a brief How-To on rejecting Spanish men.

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    I was unaware of this until a really drunk guy tried to make out with the side of my face, but if you're a foreign woman it often takes a stronger approach to telling Spanish men you're not interested. Spanish women tend to flirt quite a lot, so 'No' usually means an optimistic 'Maybe'. (I actually know a number of UK and USA men who were 'rejected' by Spanish women because they just took No for an answer!)

    While I was in Spain, I learned that in order to get it across that you're not interested -- especially in a club setting -- you insult them, tell them to f*** off, call them 'maricon' (gay) which is an accepted practice as I was surprised to learn, or even go as far as to push or slap them if they're being really annoying. A guy in a club in Madrid grabbed my arm as I was going to the ladies' room and it took me jabbing him in the ribs before he got the point.

    But once they understand that you're not just being fiery and coy, they take the hint and go on their way. Moral of the story: Ladies, BE FEARLESS!

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