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    I am currently engaged to be married to a Spanish man from Andalusia, he is in his forties and he is absolutely wonderful. He dresses like he is stuck in the 80's and his hair too, but it is nothing that we cannot work on. His family is huge, they talk really loud and they are very tight knit, he has sisters that are tall blonde and have blue eyes, as well as brothers that have the combination of dark hair and dark eyes along with colored eyes and blonde hair. All the men in my fiancees family are flirtatious as well as my fiancee,they shout out to woman that are attractive, "Guapona". I use to hate it but I learned to get over it as I realized that my fiancee may be a flirt but he was totally about me and our family. Meaning flirting was as far as he went, he would never step over the line by cheating. He expects me to respect him in public and I demand the same from him, we have a mutual understanding that God made beautiful people and we can appreciate it but not to the point where we disrespect each other. My fiancee is a great listener, friend, Father, and lover, he has a temper, and he gets jealous just like anyone else does. My point is that you have players, lovers, fighters, goofy and stinky people in every race. Never judge an entire race over an observed behavior of a small group of people, because you just might miss out on meeting that special someone.

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