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    I would like to voice my opinion!

    I have been to Spain three times and love it. The last two times I have met lovely Spanish men, and I have found them to be incredibly passionate, and made me feel so sexy. I think that's where Spanish men have it down - they know how to make a girl feel sexy and good about herself.

    When I was in Spain with my friends (all English!) the amount of Spanish guys who would beep and yell at us was alarming at first - my friends hated it, but at times I secretly loved it, and actually thought it was quite funny! And when I thought about it, I do think it's just a culture shock to Brits. I just think that Spaniards look at it as giving a compliment to a pretty lady, whereas English men do not tend to give compliments unless they are drunk, or actually know the woman. This is why although Spanish men would do it in such a obvious way, I didn't mind it as much as having some drunk English guy drooling over me in a nightclub :-/

    I have never come across a Spanish man's temper; but I can only imagine. I mean I know the Spanish are passionate, and there is this 'macho' attitude, but I think if I ever got a Spanish boyfriend we might clash in this area, as I can be quite passionate and feisty too, and can't put up with a Spanish man trying to tell me what to do all the time!

    All in all, I love Spanish men :)

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