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    Spanish men and their Spanish temper...

    posted by  Sergio Torrecillas in Spain forum 

    Hello Julia.I believe Spanish have a normal temper,no more no less than any other men around.Being born in Spain doesn´t mean you are going to be this or that,that´s all part of the stereotypes about Spain.
    You will find there,as anywhere,men with strong temper,and others soft like a little bunny as to say.
    As for the others claiming that all Spanish are macho-men,don´t take showers,etc,I won´t bother to reply-not worth the time my hands have to press the keys.
    Hope you had a good time in Spain,as all the other people who like the sun,parties,and good food,friendly(and not so friendly)people,plus a very interesting historical heritage etc.
    I realize this is a 2008 post,but I came to it by chance,and I had to say my words.

    Hasta la vista

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