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    My bloodline from my mother's side of the family is spanish. My grandfather, great grandparents were pure spanish.
    Living with them as a child and witnessing them argue more than half the time made think that I come from a race that's so feisty. In fact, I am one. But I don't take that experience as a gauge to generalize people from Spain. I have been living my life in three different continents for the past 15 years.
    In any city and country that I lived in, I found all sorts of rude and disrespectful men. That said, negative qualities by default cross boundaries. However, I acknowledge the fact that there'd be one outstanding collective culture trait that defines a race beyond color.
    I am compelled to say that I believe spanish men can be passionate. I can tell by the way they talk to me. It's more than just the respect they extend to me but probably to all women, but there's really a difference when they'd speak to a man.
    Men in the US are decent too and there's no denying that you'll find jerks but it's the same all over the world.

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