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    at the risk of sounding infantile: i met the man of my dreams in spain.
    he is extremely well-educated and literate, without ever having submitted to any kind of secondary school, he is unbiased to such an extent that you could even label him "objective", yet he features great emotional maturity and empathy (usually, i would consider "objectivity" to conflict with "sensitivity"). he is emotional, lives in close touch with nature, he weeps easily at the mere thought of a human/an animal dying/being hurt or injustice in general, he is not superficial at all what regards physical appearances and his thoughts are - to quote another member - "as deep as the ocean". moreover, he's down to earth despite his good looks: beautifully shaped face, colin farrell-eyebrows, deep eyes, a wonderfully curved nose, athletic body (as he's a professional athlete).

    the best thing about it being: i'm not fantasizing, he is real =D took me a while to comprehend that somebody could actually be that fantastic in so many ways, which is why it took me a long time to finally trust him.

    long story short: I've never met a man like this where i live. i'd been in spain for three days when i met him. coincidence? is he an exception? i like to believe he's the spanish rule rather than the exception =)

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