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    I've never been to Spain, but have been to central america, these spanish speaking countries. The guys there don't look attractive to me. Maybe spanish guys look different? temper wise, maybe there are a lot of similarity. Absolutely I like warm guys.

    I've been to Italy, people are also straightforward on the street, but the last thing I wanna get is to be followed by some old ugly ones, which I got in Italy. erk... and there are hot ones, but they are more shy. I've met some good looking and brave ones, but they give me the impression of very impolite and uncultured...

    In germany, it's a different story. I've only been approached once on the street, it's a forty something older man... I think look wise, german guys look much better, but as a tourist I never really met one coz they don't speak to strangers. Also, they seem not having an interesting personality.

    yes, prefer latin men! now I know why people always rate latin men so much better as lover. But overall european guys are more attractive than american guys... Hope my trip to spain this year will work out!

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