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    I would like to ask you what Spainish guy thiniking do you think Spainish when he love he will stay with her and contact with here by skype ,facebook ,phone but no Sex . he is 33 age and she 40 age so they are adult . she loves him more but I am wonder that he did not find anygirl friend until now and he stick with his girl from different country and from Qatar so you know how the life in Arabian gulf country.

    How we know if this guy lovs her ? I think he understood here when they keep thier relationship secret and he used fake name to be as freind on here on facebook list friends bacasue in here conuntry is forbidden for agril to have a boyfirend .

    Anyway I am wonder why he still with her maybr becasue he though htat he loves him ? or loves her as friend ? I told you when he answerd on facebook this question " Would you accept if she asked you out? : he answerd "NO" why he answerd this ?
    please I do not know about Spainish guys someone told me maybe he playing and someone told me it is diffcult for Spainish guy has relationship with girl without sex

    So do you think spainish guy can love agirl with sex , or just becasue she is pretty or loves him ?

    Please I need your help

    Thank you

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