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    Hi Tina

    You shallowy demonstrate that racism and nonsense have no flag.
    You dont have to be german to be stupid. You can afford to be stupid and talk nonsenses being german, african, italian ....coming from any country...
    I only beg you would be a little more respecful and polite ...if you join a blog like this, it is one of the "threshold conditions" to abide, I think...
    It is a big pity ....and maybe you are not aware but such words like yours only show how much did you suffer in the past ...I guess...maybe a spiteful boyfriend ???
    Anyway, maybe your delusive experience of our country is sadly because you are not interested in opening your eyes. I have seen several tourists ("all included-fans") crossing the country, whose only knowledge of our culture is limited to the sight from the bus windows- I am sure you are one of them.

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