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    You couldn't possibly judge the whole region or country -- and yet, it sounds like you are.

    Wherever you go, people are going to stare at something that does not look like everything/everyone else. I experienced it, myself -- I'm rather like you. Tall, light-haired, light-eyed.

    I can almost promise you that you're not getting free stuff because if your looks -- you're getting free stuff because of your *manners*.

    Spanish people adore foreigners with good manners. I was a guest in someone's home once, and the gentleman offered me a very valuable artifact that he'd picked up simply because I'd complimented it so pleasantly. I've spent a fair amount of time there and I have never seen this courtesy extended to someone only because they're good-looking.

    The attitude of 'the good life' does, in a measure, include appreciating beauty in all its forms. This is, after all, a region that was adjacent to the Italian Renaissance. Still, I have a really hard time thinking that it's necessary to view this with such negativity. How long have you been in Spain?

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