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I have recently moved to Madrid and will be here until next April/May. Does anyone have any good travel suggestions and the best way to see other towns or cities in a weekend? All suggestions appreciated :)

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    I agree with everyone

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    Buena informacion

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    Travel Thread

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    I noticed that the old travel thread is way out dated here so I plan to create a new one. This 2018, I plan to visit Europe and Spain. For my summer holiday, I'm looking at Tenerife or Lanzarote.I came across this one article about the place here in
    nillos/ I've never been to either and apparently, the beaches are fantastic as well as being suitably 'different' to make it interesting. How about you guys? Any plans?

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    I have recently moved to Madrid and can recommend Toledo and Segovia as some lovely weekend/day trips. They are both beautiful places with an abundance of history to explore and are only between an hour to an hour and a half from Madrid. Moreover, if you feel like escaping the city but not travelling far at all, El Pardo is the perfect destination. It is still within Madrid, just in the outskirts, and it feels like a completely different world with great walks and cycle routes in the countryside. There are also a few horse-riding schools if you are feeling adventurous.

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    I m located in Valencia since case you want to know more.... it s amazing

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    Hey , i have recently been to Spain and had some amazing time . This are the places which I had been to, Madrid was also one of them. These cities are worth visiting.

    - Caceres
    - Cordoba
    - Sevilla
    - Ronda
    - Marbella
    - Granada
    - Toledo
    - Madrid

    Check this video out

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    Hey Katie, welcome to Spain!

    I spent a month travelling around Spain before I decided to settle into Madrid and highly recommend Valencia and Granada. Both beautiful cities! Apart from those I would suggest Barcelona (obviously, the Gaudi architecture alone is enough reason to visit) and San Sebastian for the pintxos! I traveled around Spain via bus as its cheaper than the train and I don't mind the fact that its a longer journey but if time is your main priority, I would take the train.

    P.S If you're staying in hostels, take full advantage of the free walking tours, I learned a lot about Spain because of them. Enjoy!

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    Hello there! I can advise you to visit Barcelona and order segway tour which is very interesting. We did it together with my hubby last may. It was very interesting, our guide has shown us many historical places of the city. The driving is very easy but breathtaking, you are not tired during excursion.

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    I second Toledo, Segovia, and Alcala. All super close and doable in day trips too, which is a plus.

    You should definitely spend a long weekend on one of the islands though, I'd suggest Palma in Mallorca!

    You can also use BlaBlaCar to car share with people heading to the same place as you, definitely cheaper than the train or the bus.

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