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Hi Everyone,

I`ll arrive in Sevila on 17th. Sep.
Would you like to give me some advice on discovering this famours city?
Any walking tours for the backpackers?
Thanks in advance!


  • Ugo Ogbonnaya

    posted by  in Sevilla forum 

    very nice to learn that your seville trip went well. yes as you said, i hope to be there myself one day. cheers.


    posted by  in Sevilla forum 

    THX Man, I love Sevila, this city is full of history and culture. I hope someday you could explore Spain~

  • Ugo Ogbonnaya

    bon voyage

    posted by  Ugo Ogbonnaya in Sevilla forum 

    Yes, Seville sounds famous, though I've never been there. Sure the best way of discovering is to be there and find things out for yourself. Have a nice trip!

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